Ancient Artifact of a Hero Slaying a 7-Headed Serpent

A Common Story that Reapears Throughout Time…

I came across an interesting article to share! This 2,800-year-old relic unearthed in Israel features an epic battle between a brave hero and a seven-headed serpent, straight out of a monster manual. This isn’t just some random picture either – experts believe it’s the missing piece in a puzzle that connects the dots between ancient myths about slaying multi-headed serpents, like the ones in the Bible and Greek mythology. So, the next time you hear about Hercules battling Hydra, remember this tiny seal – it might have been there at the very beginning of the story!


  • The seal was dated back to around 800 to 750 B.C. and is only 1.5 inches long!
  • A 2,800-year-old stone seal unearthed in Israel depicts a heroic figure fighting a multi-headed serpent.
  • 7-headed serpent – let’s just call it a hydra depiction.
  • Interesting details featured on this small seal include a griffin, scarab, and monkey.

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