Rebel Moon’s Flying Creature. Is that a Griffin?

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Let’s get right to it. The quick reply is YES!

A more complex answer is that this particular lion-eagle hybrid is known as bennu, and they are unique only to the world of Rebel Moon (by Zack Snyder of ‘300’ fame). This movie blends various world mythologies with the sci-fi and fantasy genres to create an original otherworldly saga.

The Framestore design team crafted the Bennu, a mythical griffin-like creature, by drawing inspiration from various griffin interpretations found in folklore and media. They blended lion and eagle characteristics to capture the essence of the creature, grounding their design in authenticity while infusing it with unique creative touches.

I can’t wait to see more bennus in the upcoming Rebal Moon release! I imagine we will if we get to the planet Samandrai as bennu are used for transportation similar to horses there — plus it would be a clear opportunity to feature herds of wild bennu flying the plains and forests of Samandrai. *happy sigh*

Best Scene from Rebel Moon Part I – A Child of Fire

Beatrice the Bennu

One particular black bennu is seen in ‘Rebel Moon’ with Tarak Decimus breaking/taming this “unrideable” flying creature on Neu-Wodi far from her home. These feathery steeds come from Samandrai which by happenstance is Tarak’s home planet. High-born Tarak, now a lowly captive on a barren planet, scores a chance to win his freedom if he can tame and ride a penned-in bennu.

The scene I’ll refer to as “The breaking of Beatrice” is awe-inspiring and the movie hints at the potential of these fast and agile creatures creating strong bonds with their riders. Bonds solely for those deserving of their loyalty.

The Making of Beatrice

“I’m not going to hurt you. You’re far from home and so am I. You and I, we are alike. We’ve been hurt. Betrayed. Our trust has been broken. We both know fear. Yet, the biggest fear we both face is the fear of ourselves.”

Tarak to Beatrice, A Child of Fire

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