What is the story of the Black Beast of Exmoor?

The Beast of Exmoor. It certainly fits the bill of a classic cryptid – a mysterious creature with elusive sightings and a taste for livestock.

The Beast of Exmoor is reported as a large, dark cat-like creature spotted in the moors and fields of Exmoor in Somerset and Devon since the 1970s. Witnesses describe the Beast as a cross between a panther and a puma, with a length of over seven feet, black color, and low to the ground while hunting. The Beast is said to be responsible for the deaths of many farm animals in South Molton, Devonshire, England, with the first notable incident in 1983 when a local farmer lost over 100 sheep in two and a half months.

Here are some interesting points to consider:

  • Big Cats in Britain: The idea of large cats roaming the British countryside is a recurring theme. There have been reports of similar creatures throughout the UK, though conclusive evidence remains elusive.
  • Prey Preference: While the Beast is said to target sheep, some accounts mention it fishing with its paws. This behavior is more typical of bears than big cats.
  • Explanations for Sightings: Skeptics often attribute these sightings to misidentifying native animals like wild boars or large dogs. Escaped exotic pets could also be a possibility.

Despite the lack of evidence, the Beast of Exmoor continues to be part of the public imagination, with occasional sightings reported long after an escaped pet would have died.

Beast of Exmoor on MonsterQuest

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