What is a Griffin?

Gryphon by DarnrinGryphon by Darenrin

Gryphon Characteristics

The griffin is a large, fierce looking mythical creature, about 2 ft higher then a shire horse. The strong wings sprouting from its back are strong enough to carry it at enormous speeds, and lift it off the ground bearing heavy prey. Long ears, sharp eyes and viciously hooked bills make the griffon a fearsome beast. The tail functions as a rudder in flight. The heavy rear paws help provide extra thrust during take-off and are used to hold pray down while the beak and claws do their worst. The claws are like massive eagles’ feet. As the griffon swoops on its quarry, the rear talon sinks into the flesh first. Then the front claws close to form a deadly cage, firmly gripping the doomed creature.

Much like the mighty Dragon, Griffins love gold and gemstones, which they are known to steal, hoard and guard with savage strength and ferocity.


Stuffed GriffonThe world’s only stuffed griffon is a fine specimen of the Hyperborean variety. The gryphon was shot down over Copenhagen by the Belgian Huntress Nadine Legrand. It is now preserved in a Danish Museum.



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