Royal Female Werewolf: She-Wolf Werewoman

WereWoman She Wolf

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In the mountains of Auvergne France a story dating back to 1588 was told of a royal female werewoman. In the story, a nobleman was gazing out of his window and upon seeing a hunter he knew, asked him to check back with details of the hunt. While in the forest, despite still being in sight of his master’s chateau, the hunter stumbled upon a wolf. In the ensuing struggle, the hunter severed one of the wolf’s paws and placed it in a pouch.

Upon returning to the chateau with his gruesome prize, he opened the pouch to show the nobleman evidence of his encounter. What they discovered was not paw at all, in fact, the pouch now contained what looked to be a feminine hand bearing an elegant gold ring. The gentleman recognized the ring, sent the huntsman away, and sought for his wife. When he went came upon her in the kitchen, he found her nursing a wounded arm in the kitchen. The nobleman removed the bandage only to find that her hand had been cut off.

Upon questioning her she finally admitted to being the wolf with whom the hunter encountered, and by her confession, she marked herself for certain execution — in a matter of days she was burned at the stake in Ryon.

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Source : Henry Boguet (1550-1619). Author of the French witch-finder’s bible, Discours exécrable des Sorciers, and Supreme Judge of Burgundy’s St. Claude district, Boguet was France’s most cruel inquisitor. Hundreds found themselves at the mercy of his torturers.  The book has been translated and can be read on Google Books: An Examen of Witches. This particular story is on page 140.

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