Ningen: Japanese Sea Monster

Ningen (人間 – meaning ‘human being’)

Ningen Japanese Myth

First sighted in the 1960’s, this large humanoid creature could be hiding out in the vast unexplored wilderness of the Antarctic. Primarily seen in the icy ocean waters by, government run, Japanese “whale research” vessels, the Ningen is said to be 65-95 feet in length (20-30 meters)! Crazy big!

Witnesses of this mythical monster have described it as being of human-like shape with arms, legs and five-fingered hands. A few reports discuss a mermaid like tail or tentacles instead of legs. Mostly making an appearance at in the dark of night, most eyewitnesses have also reported that these animals have no distinct facial features – save for two huge eyes and a slit-like mouth.

Being a relatively new creature sighting of the Mid-20th Century, it’s hard to imagine how something so big could go unnoticed for so long. But, with a creature that is nocturnal and lives in the frigid waters off Antarctica… perhaps it’s not so difficult perceive there being a chance.

Many speculate that a sea creature, even a few well known ones (giant squid or albino whale anyone?), could easily be mistaken for the Ningen. Others hypothesize that this UFO hot-spot points to it being an extraterrestrial being.  To date, no solid evidence has been presented to confirm the existence of the Ningen.

Whether it is this creature or some other, it is not too far fetched to believe there is something out in the Southern Ocean off of Antarctica that has yet to be discovered.

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