How to Spot a Real Werewolf

Werewolf Glowing Eyes

Werewolves have been around as far back as written word. Have you ever been suspicious that someone you know was a little wolfy? But how can you be sure? You can’t go around accusing people willy-nilly. But don’t despair, as with witches, finding a werewolf largely seems to be a matter of looking hard enough.

Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs, according to the world’s myths :

Born on the 25th of December

How dare you even consider being born on the savior, Jesus Christ’s, birthday. Such an affront surely deserves being the curse of becoming a werewolf. This tell-tale sign may not be that old. The first mention of this comes from a 1961 movie titled The Curse of the Werewolf.


Also known as a monobrow, having eyebrows that join in the middle have long been considered a sign of being a werewolf. Although very easy to spot, it is also very easy to hide as long as you keep up on your waxing regimen.

Hairy Palms

Hairs on the palms of the hands are yet another easy to spot visual, but nothing a little regular waxing can’t help with.

X Marks the Spot

Some werewolves will carry a scar-like symbol. Traditionally this symbol is said to be in the form of a pentagram. Hunters of old believed that the pantagram would be found somewhere on the lycanthrope’s body, most often on the hand or chest.

Going a step farther, it was also believed that the shadow of the pentagram would appear on the palm or forehead of their next victim. Only problem, the symbol was only visible to the eyes of werewolves.

Index Finger is Longer than the Middle Finger

Hey! Watch where you are pointing that thing!

Hair on the inside of the Skin

During the witch/werewolf trials this is one of the many painful way that they would check for werewolves.

Love of Rare or Raw Meat

Seems reasonable to assume that your dealing with a werewolf if they slather and foam at the mouth by the mere sight of raw meat. However, I find it infallible as this would mean one of my beloved sisters would be classified as a werewolf – and  know this to not be the case. Love you T!

The Eyes Give it Away

Werewolves can be spotted even in the densest forest or darkest night because of their reflective glowing red eyes. A shapeshifter’s eyes can even glow when they’re in human form too. Just test it out in a darkened room with a flashlight.

Iron & Steel

German legends state that a werewolf will change back to a human if you throw a piece of iron or steel over its head when in animal form.

What’s Up Doc?

How about some other detectable tell-tale signs from old tradition while the werewolf is in human form? This list is brought to you by physician Dr. Paulos Agina who lived in the seventh century describing the symptoms of werewolfism for his fellow doctors :

  • pale skin
  • weak vision
  • excessive thirst
  • dry tongue and eyes
  • ulcers and abrasions of the arms and legs caused by walking on all fours
  • howling til dawn
  • an obsession with wandering the cemetery at night

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