Easy Roller Dice Co Takes RPG Dice to a New Level

D&D RPG 7 Dice Set

Easy Roller Dice Co hooked me up with some very choice goodies! From a big bulk bag of polyhedral dice, a pro dice cup, and an epic wyvern dice bag to their pro 7-piece sets including my favorite — the legendary copper metal dice set.

These dice are PERFECT for Dungeons and Dragons and the countless other RPG games out there. Think of how impressed (and intimidated) your friends will be when you whip these babies out!

I was very impressed with the quality that Easy Roller puts out. It’s easy to see they take pride in their product. The numbers are deeply etched and easy to read. The 9’s and 6’s are easily discernible with either a dot or underscore. They all roll so nicely!

Metal RPG Die Set

The only gripe I have is with my favorite set, the metal one. The pyramid tetrahedron in the set has one side that was not etched in well and I’m not particularly a fan of the gloss finish they put on the set either. I’d rather see them age and tarnish as I play with them. All pretty minor in the scheme of things, I have to say.

I LOVE the weight of the metal dice and it feels infinitely satisfying to toss these. Just be careful what you are toss them onto, don’t leave them on the floor and don’t feed them after midnight… okay, just kidding about the last part. 😀

Do you have any good dice games you know of? Let me know in the comments below!

Another dice game I came across utilizing polyhedral dice is called Tinker Tactics. I’ll be trying out this one soon! Plus they can be used for math games with the kiddos. I was looking for a way to keep math interesting for my 9-year-old this summer, and I think I may have found it.

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