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A tribute to Merlin - Enchanter, Wizard and Prophet


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Wizard of the Owls by Janny Wurts
Wizard of the Owls By Janny Wurts


Merlin and The Gleam
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

O YOUNG Mariner, You from the haven
Under the sea-cliff, You that are watching
The gray Magician, With eyes of wonder
I am Merlin,
I am dying,
I am Merlin
Who follow The Gleam. Mighty the Wizard Who found me at sunrise
Sleeping, and woke me And learn'd me Magic!
Great the Master, And sweet the Magic,
When over the valley, In early summers,
Over the mountain, On human faces,
And all around me, Moving to melody,
Floated The Gleam. Once at the croak of a Raven who crost it,
A barbarous people,
Blind to the magic, And deaf to the melody,
Snarl'd at and cursed me. A demon vext me,
The light retreated, The landskip darken'd,
The melody deaden'd, The Master whisper'd
Follow The Gleam. Then to the melody, Over a wilderness
Gliding, and glancing at Elf of the woodland,
Gnome of the cavern, Griffin and Giant,
And dancing of Fairies In desolate hollows,
And wraiths of the mountain, And rolling of dragons
By warble of water,
Or cataract music Of falling torrents,
Flitted The Gleam.Down from the mountain And over the level,
And streaming and shining on Silent river,
Silvery willow,
Pasture and plowland, Horses and oxen,
Innocent maidens, Garrulous children,
Homestead and harvest, Reaper and gleaner, 
And rough-ruddy faces Of lowly labour,
Slided The Gleam.--


The Wizard King by Myles Pinkney Magician by Don Maitz
Myles Pinkney Don Maitz


Then, with a melody Stronger and statelier,
Led me at length To the city
and palace Of Arthur the king;
Touch'd at the golden Cross of the churches,
Flash'd on the Tournament, 
Flicker'd and bicker'd From helmet to helmet,
And last on the forehead Of Arthur the blameless
Rested The Gleam. Clouds and darkness Closed upon Camelot;
Arthur had vanish'd I knew not whither,
The king who loved me, And cannot die;
For out of the darkness Silent and slowly
The Gleam, that had waned to a wintry glimmer
On icy fallow And faded forest,
Drew to the valley Named of the shadow,
And slowly brightening Out of the glimmer,
And slowly moving again
to a melody Yearningly tender,
Fell on the shadow, No longer a shadow,
But clothed with The Gleam. And broader and brighter The Gleam flying onward,
Wed to the melody, Sang thro' the world;
And slower and fainter, Old and weary,
But eager to follow,
I saw, whenever In passing
it glanced upon Hamlet or city,
That under the Crosses The dead man's garden,
The mortal hillock, Would break into blossom;
And so to the land's Last limit I came--
And can no longer, But die rejoicing,
For thro' the Magic Of Him the Mighty,
Who taught me in childhood, There on the border
Of boundless Ocean, And all but in Heaven
Hovers The Gleam. Not of the sunlight, Not of the moonlight, Not of the starlight!
O young Mariner, Down to the haven,
Call your companions, Launch your vessel,
And crowd your canvas, And, ere it vanishes
Over the margin, After it, follow it,
Follow The Gleam.


Painting by Myles Pinkney By Rowena Morrill Sorcerer by Janny Wurts
Myles Pinkney Rowena Morrill Janny Wurts


History or Myth?

Merlin, sage from another world, was an inspired seer and mystic mage, a wise councilor and faithful friend to three kings. But for all his wisdom, was bewitched by the Lady of The Lake who turned his love to her own ends. She sapped his power and plundered his store of secrete knowledge, and when done, she bound him in stone by his own spells.Merlin, sometime Myrddin, was the famous wizard in Arthurian mythology. So powerful was his magic that one medieval tradition credits him with the magical construction of of Stonehenge. Another of his works was supposed to be King Arthur's famous Round Table. Enchanter, wizard and prophet who oversees Arthur's conception and birth, enables his ascension and acts as high counsel to the King in the early phase of his reign. Merlin's role as a whole is that of advisor and scholar. His genius guides the realm. Geoffrey of Monmouth is responsible for the Merlin known to literature today. His name, "Merlinus," is a latinized adaptation of the Welsh "Myrddin" - the name of a late sixth century northern bard reported to have the gift of sight who predicted a Celtic uprising.


by Easley The Wizard by Myles Pinkney
Easley   Myles Pinkney


Merlin's birth was the subject of a strange story. Apparently, the Britons were told that a great fortress they had built would never be safe until the ground there had been soaked with the blood of a child who had no mortal father. Such a half-human sacrifice seemed impossible to achieve, until it was learned that a beautiful girl was with child by a demon. The child turned out to be Merlin, who, though baptized as a Christian, still possessed fabulous powers inherited from his demon father. Somehow the boy did not need to be sacrificed for the sake of the fortress because it is likely that Merlin was able to deal with the problem by means of magic. Two dragons, as a matter of fact were responsible for the problem.There a various accounts of Merlin's death. One tells how the wizard forgot about the seat at the Round Table that only Galahad could use, being the only knight worthy enough to see the Grail. Merlin sat down and was at once swallowed up by the earth. Another story blames the wizard's death on his passion for women. Either Viviane, possibly The Lady of the Lady, or Nimue, the daughter of a Sicilian siren, imprisoned him in an enchanted wood after Merlin had explained all about the secretes of his own magic. As Merlin told Sir Gawain, who once passed by: "I am also the greatest fool. I love another more then I love myself, and I taught my beloved how to bind me to herself, and now no one can set me free."



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