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Flight of the Pegasus

Dream Time ~ Unicorn & Pegasus


By Rodney Matthews Pegasus Rider by Clyde Caldwell Perseus and Andromeda, detail of Pegasus - Pieter Pauwel Rubens, early 1620s
Rodney Matthews Clyde Caldwell Pieter Pauwel Rubens Sue Dawe




Face To Face
Henry Wadsworth Lonfellow's "Fata Morgana"

O sweet illusions of song that tempt me everywhere,
In the lonely fields, and the throng of the crowded thoroughfare!
I approach and ye vanish away, I grasp you, and ye are gone;
But ever by night and by day, The melody soundeth on.
As the weary traveler sees In desert or prairie vast,
Blue lakes, overhung with trees that a pleasant shadow cast;
Fair towns with turrets high, and shining roofs of gold,
That vanish as he draws nigh, Like mists together rolled --
So I wander and wander along, and forever before me gleams
The shining city of song, in the beautiful land of dreams.
But when I would enter the gate of that golden atmosphere,
It is gone, and I wonder and wait for the vision to reappear.



Rites of Winter Storm Front
©1999 Ruth Thompson legal information.



The Beginning of the Pegasus

The Birth of Pegasus & Chrysaor from the Blood of Medusa, Edward Burne-Jones 1876-85Pegasus, in Greek mythology, was the flying horse belonging to Bellerophon. The winged steed was born from blood which had spilled from the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa, who was already pregnant from the sea god Poseidon (a deity always associated with bulls and horses). Bellerophon was given a magic bridle by Athena to help him tame Pegasus. When the hero tried to fly to Mount Olympus, Pegasus threw him on the instruction from Zeus. Minerva caught him and tamed him and presented him to the Muses. The fountain Hippocrene, on the Muses' mountain Helicon, was opened by a kick from his hoof. Hence, he has often been associated with the arts, especially poetry.


The Four Muses with Pegasus, Caesar van Everdingen c. 1650 Sue Dawe Boris Vallejo
Caesar van Everdingen Sue Dawe Boris Vallejo


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