MerMania Con for Mermaid Lovers & Professionals

This past January 2016, the very first MerMania convention took place at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in North Carolina and boy did it look fun! This merfolk family friendly convention featured everything an up-and-coming mermaid or merman could hope to see and do.

  • Experience swimming with professional live mermaids.
  • Play games and get mermaid scale tattoos.
  • Try out some monofins for a chance to swim like a real mermaid.
  • Mermaid Fitness Classes.
  • How to start your own mermaid school
  • Mermaid Networking & More!

Keep an eye on this site to see if they come back for a 2nd year: MerMania


MerMania 2016 – J Berendt Photography

Wish it was closer to where I am so I could go! Although, I couldn’t afford the fancy fins… it looks like a ton of fun!!



  1. i wish i could go though I’m in South Korea, i bet it would be amazing but no one else in my family takes it seriously 🙁 also I’m not a professional mermaid even though I’m good at swimming and i don’t have a fancy silicon tail like everyone else

  2. I hope there is a MerMania II. I am working on the sequel to Real Tales of Surf Arcana – A Perfect Wave, and MerMania would be a great place to preview it.

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